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IT Services & Networking, LLC

IT Services & Networking, LLC provides hardware support services for small & mid-size businesses. Though most places software provides support for the software, when an issue outside of the software arises they usually tell the client to contact their IT. That is where we are needed, weather it is a problem with the network, hardware or operating system issue, or they are in need to upgrade their equipment to meet the requirements of the software. Maybe you have picked up a virus or need technical assistance with a new service you are looking to integrate into the network infrastructure, IT services & Networking, LLC is here to help.

IT Services & Networking, LLC offers remote or on-site support for businesses within 150 miles of Rockingham, NC and remote support out side of that area. You may get an annual hardware service contracts or if preferred a per hour charge basis. To find out more please browse the Hardware service contract or per hour pages. To help your business with its hardware needs, IT Services & Networking, LLC also sales PCs, Servers, network equipment, PC internal parts, peripherals, cables, antivirus, and other products.

One thing IT Services & Networking, LLC tries to provide is that personal touch, whether it is helping setup your new pc with what you want on it or knowing the person who is going to help you when you have an issue. We know that there is no one size fits all solution for your business and when you have an issue it is sometimes a lot easier when you can talk with people that know your network than someone who is reading from a generalized questionnaire. When you go to the doctor would you rather see the doctor that knows you and your history or would you rather have a new one each time that knows only what is in the file he read before he sees you?

Here are some of the services we provide:

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